Rope Toys for Dogs

Rope Toys for Dogs     

Are you deciding what dog toy to get your dog? How about trying the Dog Rope Toy with a ball attached to it. This toy has been enjoyed by many dogs across the globe because of the versatility built into it. The Dog Rope Toy with an attached ball can accommodate active dogs and inactive dogs.


For the active dog, the rope toy that has a looped handle is great for playing a game of tug-of-war. On one end of the rope the dog owner can have their hand in the loop for a firm grip while on the other end of the rope your dog can tug and pull on the ball. Now, if the dog’s mouth is too small to grab onto the ball, then you can switch the toy around so your dog can grab onto the rope while you hold the ball. Many dogs love this way of interacting with their owners and this gives the owner quality time with their four legged friend. What I like to do with my dog is to just hold onto the toy and let the dog do all the pulling and tugging. This way of playing allows the dog to regulate the pull stress on the rope on his terms and not to over stress his teeth. Remember to never yank the rope or ball out of the dog’s teeth because this can damage or even break a tooth!

Dogs that are not very active tend to like to chew on this toy. Some dogs can spend hours chewing on the rope until they sever the rope in half. If your dog starts to pull pieces of the rope off, then you might consider throwing it away. You don’t want your dog ingesting foreign objects. Also, if your pooch starts ripping a small piece of the rubber ball apart, just throw the whole thing away and get a new one.

Another great way to use this toy is to play fetch. The looped handle that is built into this toy makes it very easy to throw either long or short distances. Many dogs really like this game and its an all time favorite. Usually young energetic dogs just seem to instinctively know to chase the toy, and if they feel like it they might return it to you. Getting your pooch to bring back the toy can be accomplished by bribing them with a tasty treat.  After playing fetch for a while, your dog may not require anymore bribes.

So, if your dog has never had a Dog Rope Toy, maybe you might want to try one out to bond even closer with your dog.

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