Pet Odor Removal Products

Pet Odor Removal Products

When it comes to pets – most people have compassion and will endure quite a bit. Carpets, however, can only endure so much pet urine. The unsightly stains and unwelcome smells of pets can be combated with a good pet odor removal product.  I’ve tested quite a few products on home carpets.

There are cases where the urine damage is so severe in a carpet that restoration or replacement of the carpet is necessary. Of course, it is for the consumer to decide when the time comes for new carpets in the home.

It’s difficult to have a carpeted home and several pets. People who love pets usually apply regular treatments of varying pet odor removal products. This is necessary to combat a problem that is constant. But does it always work?

Pet urine is usually left at the same place on the carpet over time and the scent and stain can build up. Since it is liquid, it penetrates the carpet backing and even the flooring material underneath. Even when it dries, pet urine crystallizes and stays in the carpet and surrounding materials. Pet urine odors, especially when deposited at the same place in the carpet, are permanent until properly removed.

There have been several over the counter and specialty urine and pet odor removal products on the market, but none of them seem as thorough as P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) by Chem Dry.

For removal of pet stains and odors from upholstered furniture, select a good upholstery cleaner, possibly attached to a carpet cleaning machine. Carbonated cleaning processes and solutions work well here to help eliminate pet stains and odors. With a final hot water extraction – furniture looks like new and stains and odors are removed.

Since all of this cleaning is because of pets, it’s a good idea to check to make certain the Pet odor removal products used are safe for children or pets. Since these types of products are used in the home, they are designated safe for use.